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بتاريخ : 2015/01/9
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And our response to today’s latest news Daash global news exclusive and detailed from the rest of the news sites and urgent matter for the Iraqis that deteriorate the situation in the country


News ::: Daash Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant – News Daash organization today – the most important news of the State of Daash today 09/01/2015, Greetings dear visitors, we are pleased to offer you a newsletter for the day and dealing with the latest news Daash an Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant, where we offer you the most important and prominent news Daash in both Iraq and Syria, and monitor the most important news Daash Iraq today and the latest and most prominent news Daash Syria today, another news organization Daash in Libya today ..
See .. bomb on French mosque attack in response to the target. ” Charlie Hebdo ”

Assaulted by unidentified some French mosques in response to the attack, the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” which was adopted by supporters of “Daash” yesterday.
In the city of “Le Mans” western France thrown three grenades at a mosque, while shots were fired at a prayer hall south “Bogle Nofal,” Last bombing also occurred near a mosque in Lyon.
As representative called imams all the speakers in the coming Friday to condemn the terrorist acts which targeted the newspaper and killing of innocent people have been, until it is not anti-Muslim in France and to hold them the price of the attack, which was carried out by supporters of Daash.
“Daash” recognize the execution of Tunisian journalists in Libya

Announced the organization “Daash” for the killing of Tunisian journalists in Libya, according to reported satellite “Sky News Arabic”.

It is noteworthy that the organization “Daash” controls the number of cities in the north of Libya, most notably the tuber and Misrata, trying Libyan National Army troops to regain control of these areas again.
“Daash” attack on “Charles Hebdo” .. “snake bite educator”

Terrorism has no religion and no place, got burned Arab region suffer it, I now turn to France, to declare himself an attack on the magazine “Charles Hebdo” resulted in 12 dead and 10 injured, and the injury of two local French police, following the opening unknown fire on them Metro station ” Porte de Chatillon, “south of the French capital Paris, to announce the organization of” Daash “terrorist claimed responsibility for the incident by launching hashtag” # Antqmana_lersol “, to be the beginning that will not stop.
Magazine “Charles Hebdo” famous published cartoons of the Prophet many times in November 2011 and September 2012, and in January 2013.
political scientist “left Aezzbawi”, he saw that “that seen in France a natural result of the expansion of terrorism from local to global, especially to the European side and France are partners in what is called the international coalition against terrorism, as well as it did not take real action to prevent its citizens from joining Daash “, and is expected to increase terrorist acts significantly in the coming period, unless they are taking standardized measures to combat extremist movements before that extends to all European countries.
He considered the supreme body of the Wafd Party member “Baha Abu flat”, that “the terrorist incident in France message to the world illustrate how to build America’s terrorist organizations turned against them, to savor now the bitterness of terrorist operations, which warned him to Egypt before, especially as these organizations snake educator is not safe to Aldgh “, and pointed out that it will not stop this limit, has been stretching terrorist operations to drag America and other European countries that earn at least the result of the negative stand of these organizations.
He said a political analyst, “Mahmoud Jaber,” that “there is more than one analysis to target the French magazine appeared so far, including: try European countries enter Libya and this justification is unrealistic , and the latest trend indicates that France’s support for Egypt and the Soviet Union, justification for strikes to France to punish her, a closer analysis, to embarrass the French president, “Holland” in French political circles. ”
and enter “Daash” to the scene and the Declaration of responsibility for the incident, he said ” Jaber “that” Daash a coalition intelligence, and set security companies are directed by an American, what supports the second analysis parking America behind the terrorist incident as a result of France’s support for Russia. ” He added that “terrorist incident message rather than the beginning, for France to take off for Egypt’s support and stand neutral with Russia.”
He stressed the Islamic researcher “Hisham al-Najjar,” that “Daash escape to the European abroad accident,” Charles Hebdo, “a kind of search for new land to gain support and the sympathy of Muslims and attract young people and incorporate it as a step to recruit, especially after the worsening internal conditions in Iraq and Syria. ”
He added: “Daash want to offset the decline in their popularity, and the expansion especially in light of the pressure they face in the field of military confrontation spread,” asserting that “Daash” interested in the interest of the organization Apart from the interest of Islam, and pointed out that the organization looking for new private land in light of the crisis experienced by the possibility of reaching an international partnership of Turkey and Egypt, under American and European umbrella for the elimination of terrorism and the most important “Daash.”
He added: “Although the cartoons published by Gazette and wounded the feelings of Muslims, but the logical and influential not be violence and bloodshed reply, it all will not hurt in the interests of Islam and Muslims, ”
said the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Khaled Za’farani” that “this process is triggered by Daash in France starting point for many operations to come in European countries and America “asserting that” Daash “in the case of possession of nuclear or chemical weapons, or any of this quality destructive they used against the West, and will not use them in the Middle East.
He pointed out that “Daash” easily penetrate Europe can by recruits have there in addition to the facilities get them in traffic by the Arabs.
Tweets reveal the involvement of “Daash” in the attack on the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”

Raised tweet to someone known Belmamh actively organizing the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or what is known as “Daash”, doubts about the possible involvement of organized attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo satirical French, according to the site “Vlacboynt” systems to protect the Internet.

The Web site published Tweet translated the English language, not to mention the owner’s name, which states: “the brothers who carried out the attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo returned safely to their bases .. waiting for the oath of allegiance from the Mujahideen in France, and declared counties Daash .. It is uncertain source, Islamic state, claimed responsibility for the attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo “.

It is noteworthy that the organization Daash not the only suspect in the attack, where al Qaeda was published in March 2013, pictures of the editors told them Charlie Hebdo editor said: they are wanted dead or alive.

Referred to as the “CNN” can not independently verify the authenticity of this Tweet or how the author link to al Daash.
Pentagon: Take 5 thousand bomb strongholds Daash in 5 months

Announced the US Department of Defense, “Pentagon”, the international coalition forces, dropped about 5 thousand bombs since the start of air strikes to “regulate Daash” hardline Iraq on the eighth of August, and then in Syria since September 23, targeting more than 3 thousand points, from including 58 tanks.
forces launched Althalv- according channel “Sky News Arabic” space, today Thursday-1676 raid until December 31, 2014, in Iraq and Syria, according to the outcome of the US Central Command, while the death toll did not include information on the number of militants who were killed or injured from “Daash.”
strikes also targeted, about 52 locations fortified underground, and 673 locations combat, and about a thousand different building.
In total, Coalition aircraft by about 15 thousand and 465 sorties, also targeted militant coalition aircraft, 58 tanks, and more than 900 mechanism other military, including 184 four-wheel drive model Hamvir, and 26 armored vehicles.
He spoke Pentagon two days ago, for conduct investigations to determine whether these strikes resulted in civilian casualties, without confirmation of anything yet in this regard.

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